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We are still around-01We are a couple of fifty-somethings still working in the creative industry, based in the north of England. We have worked in large multi-national agencies, small independent agencies, freelanced – you name it we have done it. The intention of this site and our blogs is to offer our opinions and advice on getting older in this industry and how to survive and stay relevant.  Using our combined 60 years experience we will use examples of things which have happened to us, how we coped, or not coped,  and our learnings from these experiences.

We have decided to stay anonymous. The next statement may seem counter-intuitive, but our anonymity, we feel, lets us be as honest as we can be. We have changed names of businesses and present and ex colleagues to project both the innocent and the guilty. We will cover subjects such as ageism and how it materialises, training and how important it is to stay up-to-date with technology. Office politics, how to work with a psychopath, how to not get sucked in by the workaholic and many other subjects.

These blogs are not intended to be a rant or a vent of past experiences, however we are allowing ourselves the freedom of expressing our feelings honestly. And if this comes across as anger, well so be it. We both still have drive, ambition and an incredible lust for life. We passionately believe that as you enter what we sometimes describe as our ‘invisible years’,  we are still relevant and have so much to offer.

We are still around so enjoy our blogs – and please feel free to share, comment.


A & N Moss

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